Hi everyone!

Well most people ask about
the person behind the site
and the art work.
Now what can I say that would be nice.
Well I've been interested in art
of all kinds
since I was about four years old.

I always seemed to take things
from around the house
and make something out of them.
This of course drove my mother craZy!
because I usually didn't take the time
to ask first.

As I grew,, my passion became art!
I lived it all the time.
Always finding some new challange.

I have only had a few classes in the art field other than highschool,
but seem to have a need to create.

Mostly what I do now is portraits
using pencil, conte, charcol, and watercolors.

Then I found the computer :)
Now I have so many ideas, that I can't seem to find the time to put them all in graphic form.
I will try to create a new set
of web graphics every week!
or at least a new button or bar lol.

I do hope that you enjoy what I make,
I know I have enjoyed creating them.


For Custom Work E-mail me
and we'll talk.

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